Bus Rental

We have three different sized buses in our fleet: ones that can accommodate 37, 46, and 54 passengers. All of our vehicles are certified with a D2 license. They come standard with a range of features, such as seat-back TVs, Wi-Fi, and reclining seats, in their cabins.

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We provide professional solutions for all of your transportation needs, from buses to minibuses, sightseeing buses to VIP transfer services. You can choose the service that suits you and rent it right away.

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Minibus Rental

The www.buskirala.com fleet includes minibuses in five different sizes, ranging from 8-seaters to 31-seaters, ready for every city in our country. For your safety, these minibuses are not delivered without a driver.

About Us

The Largest Transportation Network in Turkey

Are you ready to meet the massive fleet of Buskirala.com, Turkey's biggest fleet with B2 and D2 licenses, available in every corner of the country? Whether you're in Edirne or Kars, Istanbul or Ankara, we provide chauffeured bus rental and minibus rental services in all 81 provinces to meet all your transportation needs. You can get all the support you need about public transportation from our platform. We are ready to support you in all your trips, meetings, events, and even ceremonies like weddings and engagements.

Here are the services we offer:

  • Bus Rental
  • Minibus Rental
  • Shuttle Rental
  • Domestic Passenger Transportation
  • International Passenger Transportation
  • VIP Minibus Rental.
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With our experienced team, flawless vehicle fleet, and extensive service network that cannot be found on any other platform in the country, we are revolutionizing minibus rental, bus rental, and VIP vehicle rental services. We provide ideal solutions for anyone looking for professional service.

4 seater minibus

4 Seater VIP Minibus

Would you like to travel with a vehicle at the top of the VIP segment? Accompanied by trained drivers and without mileage limit...

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minibus rental 8 seater

8 Seater Minibus

Our premium quality 8+1 person ultra-luxury VIP vehicles meet your executive vehicle needs in every city of our country...

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16 Seater Minibus

You can rent these vehicles with a driver, which offers the best travel experience in its class with its spacious luggage and comfortable cabin.

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turkey 19 person m,n,bus rental

19 Seater Minibus

They are the most preferred vehicles among minibuses with their comfort and high capacity. You can find every comfort in the cabins.

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27 person midibus in turkey

27 Seater Midibus

It is the widest between the seats of the half bus family. Depending on the number of passengers, the luggage compartment may be insufficient in some cases.

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rental 31 seater midibus

31 Seater Midibus

You can rent these vehicles, also known as half buses in our country, from all our cities with a single or double driver... Economic bus.

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46 person bus

46 Seater Bus

You can take a step into a comfortable journey with the 46-seater buses with 2+2 seat arrangement.

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50 seater rental bus in turkey

50 Seater Bus

You can rent our 50 seater buses with 2+2 seats with a driver. These vehicles are generally preferred for city trips. City bus.

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bus rental in turkey 54 seater

54 Seater Bus

It is among the extra-long buses of our country. It is the ideal choice for your international travels. It is rented with a driver...

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High Satisfaction Rate

Satisfaction was inevitable after the implementation of the above-standard quality transportation principles adopted by our company, professional operation team, well-equipped vehicles and ongoing support throughout the service. We are a team that is ready to go with the pride of this.

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Contact Us

Another easy way to reach us. You can send your questions and suggestions to our platform by filling out the form below. Our team will get back to you in a few minutes.

    Travel with Authorized Vehicles

    The www.buskirala.com platform, powered by Acemali Turizm, has certified all of its vehicles with D2, D1, B2, and B1 licenses by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. None of our vehicles certified by the ministry have any missing document errors. You will not be disturbed while traveling with these vehicles, all of which are TUV approved and meet European standards.

    D1 Authorized Vehicles

    Vehicles with D1 authorization certificate provide domestic scheduled passenger transportation services. They serve at bus terminals.

    D2 Authorized Vehicles

    Vehicles with D2 authorization certificate provide domestic unscheduled transportation services. It can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.

    B1 Authorized Vehicles

    Our vehicles with B1 authorization certificate serve on international scheduled flights. It provides passenger transfer from the bus station to the bus station.

    B2 Authorized Vehicles

    Our vehicles with B2 authorization certificate are used for international travels. All cabin crew have international travel experience.

    Rent Legally

    Buskirala.com T.C. It provides passenger transportation services in accordance with the regulations and UETDS systems of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

    24 Hours Support

    Buskirala.com is Turkey's only transportation platform that can provide 24-hour spare vehicle warranty and operation support. We provide 365 days support, including our call center.

    Customer Happiness

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    Rental Procedures

    Our company offers rental buses and minibuses on a 24-hour basis. You can rent these vehicles, which you can rent for all kinds of tours, excursions, weddings or ceremonies, by following the procedures below.

    With the assurance of Buskirala.com, you can rent the bus minibuses we offer in 10 different sizes daily, weekly or monthly. In our rental services, we provide transportation services in accordance with legal regulations with the same quality as 81

    Choose Your Bus or Minibus

    You can choose the one that suits you and your purse from the tools we offer in 10 different sizes.

    Get a Quote

    You can get an instant price quote by contacting us to rent any of our buses or minibuses.

    Make a Reservation

    After you approve our offer, we reserve your vehicle for your trip and run the rental procedures. First, we send you our minibus or bus rental contract. After your approval, we request a prepayment of the rate specified in the contract (usually 20%).

    Complete the Rental

    After you make your prepayment to our bank account numbers that we have forwarded to you (prepayment can also be made by credit card), your rental transactions are completed. Finally, we send you the driver's contact information and we continue our support so that you can provide safe transportation during your trip.